30 May 2013

hi baby

hi baby im finally back bc... exo. omg guise exo is finally back and i cant explain what i feel right now seriously. im waiting for this day to come. their mvs are so good tbh bc k members singing in chinese while m members singing in korean i just OH MY GOOD ISNT THAT SO GOOD?!?!?! i cant wait for their albums  arrived at my house omg i cant! fyi, i bought their freaking albums you know. both vers and im so happy even my mom glared at me when i told her im buying exo album. seriously mom you are scary and im going to die. but i love my mom muahxxxxx. ok.

what should i do now. today their drama vers will come out and im not ready to watch kailu kissing scenes. oh god will you bless my tears. luhan my tears are real sobs. lets criES everyone. epop. june edition has exo big poster. im going to buy it but im at my grandparents' house how bish hOW. omg excuse my language. today is freaking may 31st CAN YOU HEAR ME THIRTY FIRST OMGGGGGGGG. idc but im going to flip everything if epop june out of stock. oh today exo will be on music bank. dont dare to interrupt me when i watch that ok.

running man will be coming to malaysia with infinite and jyj soon and im going to explode. oh dear pls dont come here bc i cant go there. i will never cant meeting you guys untill i have my job and my own money. i know my mom didnt allow me to go meet you guys so... i will just crying infront of this laptop. oh infinite i want to meet you so badly omg i cry. its already 1:18 pm and im going to perform my zohor guys. bye c: